Daniel Charters

PhD Student

James Parsons Building, Byrom Street, Liverpool, L3 3AF



Dan Charters carrying out data collection

Research Interests

I have great interest in research in all its forms, mainly vertebrate palaeobiology, focusing on functional adaptation of the vertebrate skeleton in relation to ecology and evolution. I’m passionate about answering current problems and I hope to use my knowledge to better preserve future biodiversity, using information that can be uncovered through research of the past. Research into the past is not only fascinating to rewrite what has once happened on our planet, but it is important for us to understand extinct animals so that we can take that information and apply it to animals of today. Climate has a huge impact on different species, we see this in palaeontology with the mass extinction during the last ice age. The speed that climate is changing in the current interglacial could see another mass extinction event like that of previous glacial periods. Studies into temporal evolution and adaptation could prove an invaluable key for the future conservation of animals on our planet.




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