Isabelle Szott Publications


  • Szott, I.D., Pretorius, Y., Ganswindt, A., Koyama, N. (2020) Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, temperature, and age affect faecal thyroid hormone concentrations in free-ranging African elephants. Conservation Physiology
  • Szott, I.D, Pretorius, Y., Ganswindt, A., Koyama, N. (2019) Physiological stress response of African elephants to wildlife tourism in Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa. Wildlife Research
  • Szott, I.D., Pretorius, Y., Koyama, N. (2019) Behavioural changes in African elephants in response to wildlife tourism. Journal of Zoology
  • Szott, I.D., Koyama, N. (2019) Safari tourism may make elephants more aggressive – but it’s still the best tool for conservation. The Conversation (
  • Howart, E., Kemp, C., Thatcher, H.R., Szott, I.D., Farningham, D., Witham, C.L., Holmes, A., Semple, S., Bethell, E.J. (sub) Developing and validating attention bias tools for assessing emotion in animals: a worked example with Macaca mulatta. Applied Animal Behaviour Science


03.2019   Radio Interview on TalkRADIO (UK) about published research of tourism effects on
elephant behaviour
12.2018   LivLabs Meeting, Liverpool, UK: PhD research to a behavioural biology expert audience

08.2018   European Conference on Behavioural Biology, Liverpool, UK: PhD research

02.2018   Three Minute Thesis Competition, Liverpool John Moores University: PhD research

09.2016   Courtney College, Pretoria, ZA: Several talks on PhD research & elephant conservation

02.2016   Management meeting, Madikwe Game Reserve, ZA: PhD proposal to field guides, lodge managers, stakeholders and parks board staff

11.2015   Departmental Seminar, Liverpool John Moores University, UK: PhD proposal

11.2014   School of Natural Sciences & Psychology Seminar Series, Liverpool John Moores University, UK: MPhil research

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