Linda Amos CV


2017-     PhD Candidate LJMU

PhD Thesis: The Importance of Birds in the Palaeolithic (working title).

Richard Jennings (LJMU), Clive Finlayson (Gibraltar National Museum/LJMU), Antonio Sanchez-Marco (ICP), Joel Irish (LJMU).

LJMU funded.

2011       University of Bergen, Norway. MPhil, Archaeology

Courses: Cape Field School, South Africa, Theory and Method, Thesis design. 

MSc Thesis: ‘Them’ or ‘Us’? A question of Cognition: The Case for Neanderthal Modernity.

Lars Forsberg, Christopher Henshilwood.

2004       University of Bergen, Norway. BA, Arts and Social Sciences

Courses: Archaeology, English Literature and Culture.

BSc / BA Thesis: The Levantine Neanderthals. Randi Haaland, Christopher Henshilwood.

Research Experience

2015 – Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre, Canada

Research Intern:
Field work and lab work based at the Tumbler Ridge Museum in BC, Canada.

2016 – Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre, Canada

Six Peaks Dinosaur Tracksite Excavation:
Excavation, preparation, replication, study and conservation of the Six Peaks Dinosaur Tracksite near Hudson’s Hope, BC, Canada.

2016-2017 – MOLAHeadland Infrastructure

Project Archaeologist and Supervisor on the A14 mitigation project in Cambridgeshire. Excavating remains of Neolithic, Iron Age and Romano-British settlements.

 2017- present – Gibraltar National Museum Gorham’s Cave Complex excavations
My responsibilities in the project have expanded from excavation and labwork in the first season to Supervision of students and co-directing an excavation area in more recent years.

Teaching Experience

February/2018 – present.

Demonstrator at LJMU in a variety of subjects related to archaeology, forensic anthropology, biology, and ecology.


Laboratory protocol, Microscopy, Photorammetry, Taphonomy (avian and mammal), Avian Taxonomy, Archaeological Excavation.


English, Norwegian (fluent), German (basic), Spanish (basic).

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