Linda Amos

PhD Student

James Parsons Building, Byrom Street, Liverpool, L3 3AF

Linda Amos during a school workshop

Thesis: The Importance of Birds in the Palaeolithic

Research Interests

My main research interest lies in Neanderthal behaviour and the questions surrounding their cognitive modernity. My PhD thesis focusses on interactions between Neanderthals and birds in the Middle Palaeolithic, as evidenced by taphonomic traces on bird bones recovered from Neanderthal sites across Eurasia. Taxonomic identification of these bones also inform us about the landscapes inhabited by Neanderthals through the niche preferences of the specific bird species.

Through my research, I have become involved in collaborations with other researchers at Neanderthal sites including Scladina (Belgium) and Tabun (Israel). In addition I am involved in excavations at the Gorham’s Cave Complex in Gibraltar, lead by the Gibraltar National Museum. 



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