Mark Grabowski

Senior Lecturer in Evolutionary Anthropology

Office:  BS 4.37 James Parsons Building, Byrom Street, Liverpool, L3 3AF

+44 0151 904 1991

Mark Grabowski and colleagues searching for Miocene fossils in Creu Conill, Spain

Expertise: Paleoanthropology, Human Anatomy, Human Evolution

Research Interests

I am a biological anthropologist and paleoanthropoloigist whose research focuses on size and its consequences. Specifically, how evolutionary changes in body size, brain size, and other morphological traits both reflect and drive major adaptive transitions in human biology and behavior. Research interests integrate paleoanthropology and functional anatomy with evolutionary biology – through quantitative genetics, evolutionary modelling, and phylogenetic comparative methods. Recent field work has included searching for Miocene fossil apes in Creu Conill, Spain with a group headed by Dr. Sergio Almécija.


Evolvability: A new and unifying concept in Evolutionary Biology

Research & Professional Activities

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