Serge Wich

Professor in Primate Biology

Office:  James Parsons Building, Byrom Street, Liverpool, L3 3AF

Serge Wich using drone technology in the field

Expertise: Primates, Behavioural Ecology, Conservation

Research Interests

My research focus is primate behavioural ecology, tropical rain forest ecology and conservation of primates and their habitats. It focuses strongly on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo and uses a mixture of observational and experimental fieldwork as well as large-scale desktop analyses of existing data. Much of my work is on the three orangutan species, but I also work on other species such as chimpanzees and lemurs. I am keen to use technology such as drones for my research and have co-founded

Research Projects & Professional Activities

Using technology for conservation

In these projects the aim is to detect and ideally automate the detection of animals and/or their signs (e.g. nests). Optical and thermal sensors are being used in these project that for drones range from the detection of nest made by orangutans (Indonesia) and chimpanzees (Tanzania), to detection of lemurs (Madagascar), and detection of fires in peat areas in Indonesia

Orangutan behaviour, ecology, and conservation

These projects, in Sumatra and Borneo, are concerned with orangutan behaviour, ecology and conservation. This includes fieldwork, analyses of satellite data and other data sources, in collaboration with a large number of partners from Indonesia and abroad.





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