We’re committed to conducting research at the frontiers of biological anthropology, catalysed by discovery-oriented field research.


RCEAP is an independent research centre based at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). It has 21 academic researchers and a range of post-doctoral researchers, PhD and MPhil students whose research revolves around palaeontology, evolutionary anthropology, wildlife conservation and the behaviour of social animals. RCEAP benefits from a range of modern facilities, provided by LJMU, including skeletal laboratories that house a large collection of archaeological skeletal remains, a palaeoanthropological Imaging Suite equipped with microscribes, macro and micro 3D scanners, photographic equipment, standard and 3D microscopes, digital x-ray, and specialist analytical software.

Managing Conflict & Competition

Chimpanzees maintaining social links

Advancing research in our understanding of primate behaviours and the nature of managing the long-term effects of post-conflict resolution.

New discoveries of the Neolithic of Upper Egypt

New discoveries from the Neolithic of Upper Egypt

Advancing research through archaeology, funerary analyses and bioarchaeology at the ancient burial site of Gebel Ramlah, Egypt.

Facial Reconstruction and Archaeological Research

Dr Matteo Borrini carrying out a facial reconstruction

Cutting edge use of facial reconstruction techniques for ameliorating our view of past people, including cryptic cases such as the Vampire of Venice